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Now I’m in high school. I (sort of) have boobs. I’m (a little) more confident.  It’s time to move on. 

Emma Bishop is ready for a fresh start. She's in high school now, afterall, so there's no room for last year’s drama to follow her. She's older and wiser, more confident, and determined to make this her best year yet.

In what might be the most exciting development of her life, Emma finally has a boyfriend. Andy is cute and nice and really likes her– what could go wrong? As it turns out, everything. 

From sleepovers to high school dances, dreaming of her first boyfriend to having one glued to her side, Emma is excited, nervous, and most of all, confused. It doesn’t stop there though. She finds herself navigating dynamic shifts in her friend group, break-ups and make-ups, sibling relationships, and all the dilemmas that come with being a freshman in high school.

Dear Boyfriend… and Other High School Dilemmas is the second book in the Emma Bishop series by Rebecca Garner. These light-hearted, young adult books explore the realities of what it’s really like to be a teenager. Friendship, love, embarrassing moments, Emma experiences it all. 

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“Painfully relatable. A laugh-out-loud smash that had me itching to get to the end. I'll be thinking about 'French' kissing for a long time to come."

LAURA SAKINE, Author of It Must Bee Love

"Garner's writing beautifully balances the raw and relatable for young girls today, and the fun and nostalgia for women who remember what that time was like."

EMILY VANDERBENT, Author of The Timewalker Archives series

“This book is a fun snack! I can put this book in the hand of my 6th-grade daughter and say ‘you'll find yourself in these pages.'” 

ELIZABETH R., Middle School Literature/ Language Arts Teacher

"A trip down memory lane. A great reminder for teen girls that they aren't alone and everything really is going to be okay." 

JULIA K., Middle School Literature/ Language Arts Teacher

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