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I swear Connor looks over at me. My heart skips a beat again. I’m not quirky like Ruby, or confident like Cher—why would Connor like me anyways?

Emma Bishop is your typical 14-year-old girl. She’s got besties, a major crush, zits (don’t use the P-word), an annoying younger sister, an embarrassing mom, and no boobs. Luckily, her best friends Ruby and Cher are there to pull off fun sleepovers, try new makeup trends, deal with bullies, and survive embarrassing interactions with cute boys.

Things change for Emma when Connor finally notices her and wants to be her partner for a science project. As things get serious between Emma and Connor, Cher and Ruby don’t react in the way Emma expected or hoped. She never thought she would have to choose between her crush and her friends—all before puberty!

Why Won’t My Boobs Grow…and Other Annoyances is a contemporary young adult novel by Rebecca Garner that explores friendship, first love, and self-confidence. This book is a must read if you are wondering who you are (even before your boobs arrive) or if you’re a grown-up who loves the nostalgia of a coming-of-age story.

Why Won't My Boobs Grow... and Other Annoyances - SIGNED Paperback

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